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Our 2017 child is Brooke Campbell.

Tenth grader and resident of Kings Grant, Brooke and two friends were walking along the footpath on the side of Dorchester rd, when a driver left the road, striking all three. An EMT passing by, saw the collision and was able to provide emergency assistance to keep Brooke alive. While her friends suffered broken bones, Brooke was left with a broken neck and severed spine which has left her paralyzed from the chest down.

It has been a year since the accident. Already surpassing expectations, her doctors are hopeful that within the next five to ten years, she will be walking again. She has improved so much that she has returned home, and re-entered class at Fort Dorchester High. Returning home has been a challenge. The house is not handicap accessible, and the floor is buckling under the weight of her electric wheelchair. She is unable to access the bathroom or kitchen in her home.

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Allie's Friends Foundation was established in 2014 to help meet the needs in the community. The organization was started with a desire to help families going through the hardships associated with caring for a child undergoing treatment for cancer, and other health conditions requiring ongoing care. Early in the organizational phase it was decided that it wasn't the direct cost of treatment that was to be our focus, rather it was our design to identify the needs not being met by other programs, and attempt to fill those.

We appreciate all the prayers, donations, and volunteers who have been working with us these past few years, and look forward to your continued partnership in the years to come.